Here are some Cool Links (2001 related and others)


Kubrick Exhibit in 2004 New

Harry Lange (2001 Designer)

Dan Richter (Moonwatcher)

Underman's 2001 Site

Spanish Main Treasure Co. Arthur Clarke Dives on Taj Mahal Wreck New

Capt Cardboard 2001 Models

Pod Model Working Group

TwinchSquad GI Joe size 2001 spacesuits


Space This is the link to my spacesuit and pressure suit consulting business This is the link to my on-line spacesuit museum

Find that Satellite with J-Track

NASA History Office

Soviet Manned Lunar Program

British Interplanetary Society



Cool Stuff

Miniguns (AKA Arnold's gun)

Jet Engine Powered Beer Cooler (Need to throw something?)






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